Legal forms of a company: definition

The legal form of an enterprise defines the rules that are applicable to it (its status) under the law  : terms of incorporation, minimum share capital, relationship between the partners, methods of taxation of profits, etc. There are two main legal forms  : the sole proprietorship and the company . Be careful not to confuse legal form and legal status of a company . The […]

Useful tips for business creation: a practical guide

Do you want to start a business? It is an excellent idea ! Here are some useful tips to help you in your steps  : 1 / Learn a little bit about company law . Of course, it is not a question of memorizing all the rules of company law, nor of becoming a lawyer, but simply of knowing the […]

The main branches of business law

Company law is an important branch of business law. It includes all the rules governing the creation, operation and dissolution of private law companies. The competition law is another branch, almost as important: it defines the relationships between economic agents in their reports to the market. It strives to enforce competition and prohibits practices deemed anti-competitive. French competition law is today heavily […]