Useful tips for business creation: a practical guide

Do you want to start a business? It is an excellent idea ! Here are some useful tips to help you in your steps  :

1 / Learn a little bit about company law . Of course, it is not a question of memorizing all the rules of company law, nor of becoming a lawyer, but simply of knowing the main rules concerning the constitution of a company and the partnership agreement. You must know how, legally, you create a society. This is not necessarily the most exciting step, but it is paramount.

2 / Find out about the different legal statuses and legal forms that exist . You must be very careful about the choice of status, because it is difficult to change afterwards. Compare the rules specific to each status and define the one that best suits your business and, more broadly, your project.

3 / Before undertaking, you must ask yourself the following question: to undertake alone or with others . You must weigh the benefits of each of the two solutions. We do not run a business in the same way, depending on whether we are a single partner or several. More broadly, the issues are not the same. Depending on your project but also your temperament, it may be better to undertake alone or with others.

4 / Do not hesitate to seek advice from a Corporate Formalities Center . The CFE, in addition to managing the formalities of companies, are also there to advise you. Tips are free or paid, depending on the nature and complexity of your project.

The business creation project: how to formulate it well

A company is the materialization or the realization of a project . For a company to work well, it is essential to polish your project, to specify it, to test it, to refine it. A flawed project will inevitably lead to a company itself wobbly.

Do a market research to better know the market on which you want to position yourself. You will learn a lot about both supply and demand. Nothing like this to test the viability of a project and improve it.

The business plan is a written document that is almost indispensable for obtaining financing. Its purpose is to demonstrate the credibility of your project, with supporting figures. But the business plan does not have only external use, it also allows to encrypt a project, based on relevant assumptions. By quantifying your project, you will take a greater measure of the necessary investments and the feasibility of the project.

Also think about thinking about the formulation of your social object . The corporate purpose must be present in your statutes: it determines the nature of the activities you will perform. It must be neither too precise nor too vague. If you plan to do more than one type of activity, you must determine a primary activity and secondary activities.